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Akbari pistachio

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  • Akbari pistachio

Akbari pistachio is a new type of pistachio, and is one of the best varieties of Iranian pistachio.

Among the pistachio varieties, there is a group of long pistachios.

It has a large, long (almond-shaped) core and is larger than the Ahmed Agai type, which is why it is called Super Long Pistachio in the global markets.


 -Akbari Pistachio

It is one of the important commercial varieties in the field of luxury nuts; it is large in size.

The best type of pistachio is the smiling, low-sized pistachio. Production of this type of pistachio is mostly in Iran. The only major producer is Iran.

-Quality of pistachio Akbari

Usually three degrees can be determined for Akbari pistachio.

1-Grade One or Natural Smile: In this type of pistachio it is 100% natural and smiled on the tree.It is usually found in sizes 18 to 28.

2-Grade 2 or Class B: This type of pistachio is derived from a mixture of natural pistachio and Abkhandan. Medium quality as well as average price. This product is usually exported to all countries.

3-Grade 3 or aquifer: This type of pistachio is in fact the same kind of Abkhandan pistachio that is mechanically smiled after harvesting. The quality of this pistachio is lower and therefore much cheaper.

Iraq and Russia are major consumers of this type of pistachio.

In ancient times there was a person named Akbar Aghaei. This great farmer has been linking various trees to the trees for days, and the result was the long pistachio.

The pistachio that was later named Akbari, and its name comes from its creator, Mr. Akbar Taj Abadi. After that, the people of Sirjan started to planet the Akbari pistachio and it became universal.

Now it gives 1000 to 1200 kg per hectare.

This type of pistachio is mostly harvested in Feizabad region of Khorasan, Rafsanjan and Sirjan.

-Akbari Pistachio Exports

Akbari Pistachio is well known worldwide and there are buyers from all over the world.

At the same time, its export is a good option for Indian and Arab markets.

-Quality of pistachio Akbari

-Characteristics of Akbari pistachio

Dry pistachio length is 12.22 mm (high), dry pistachio width is 61.12 mm (high).

-Characteristics of Akbari pistachio tree

This type has moderate growth power. The average height of the tree is 3 meters. Akbari pistachio has leaf length of 4.15 mm (medium) and width of 4.4 mm (low). Akbari pistachio cluster has an approximate weight of 51.6 g, cluster of dried pistachio weight is 15.4 g.

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