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Kalle Ghuchi pistachio

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  • Kalle Ghuchi pistachio

Kalle Ghuchi pistachio is one of the largest pistachios in Iran;

In addition to its beautiful appearance, this pistachio has a delicious taste.

This type of pistachio is shorter and almost rounder than the Akbari pistachio and is one of the major commercial varieties.

Kalle Ghuchi pistachio is one of the famous and commercial varieties of the country.

It was first identified and selected by a person named Haj Ali Sharifi in Rafsanjan, Dehno village.

The most popular of this type of pistachio is because of its large fruit.

Kalle Ghuchi pistachio is a hazelnut pistachio category and in terms of production in Iran it is ranked second after hazelnut pistachio. Pistachio nuts are sold in various forms in domestic and foreign markets.

It should be noted that the most important factor for increasing sell of this pistachio is the hazelnut shape and its large size.

Nogh Rafsanjan region as the hub of production of the best Kalle Ghuchi pistachio varieties in Iran and even in the world, due to its high quality.

Since it is early to germinate (at the beginning of April), the risk of frostbite usually threatens this pistachio. It is highly susceptible to dehydration, lack of nutrients in the soil, heat stroke, and insects.

-Export of pistachio kale

Since the pistachio kernel is larger than the kernel of pistachio kernel, this is probably one of the reasons that the businessmen of countries (Germany, Greece and Arabs) tend to prefer this product.

Germany is one of the main buyers of this kind of pistachio kernel, which often uses this product after resale to other European markets.

-Characteristics of Kalle Ghuchi pistachio fruit

Fruit tip with very short green skin and skin color when harvesting red-gray. The position of the bony skin is the same on both the dorsal and the opposite side. The color of front of fruit is gray and the color of the skin is white with medium darkness.

The weight of dry pistachio pistachio was 17.1 g (high) and dry pistachio length 13.20 mm (high) pistachio width 84.12 mm (high) and spherical pistachio shape.

-Characteristics of pistachio tree

Pistachio type has moderate growth power.

The average tree length in this pistachio is 5.5 meters. This pistachio is one of the most important commercial varieties and is the second most important pistachio after cultivation.

The trunk diameter of this tree is higher than other trees.

-Fruit Pistachio Nut

The time of starting rapid growth of the fetus is 1 August and the time of fruit ripening is 15 September.

Starting flowering April 10 (early flowering) the whole flowering stage is April 16 and the flowering period is 13 days. Leaf length is 2.1 mm (medium) and leaf width is 7.1 mm (low).

The color of the leaves is darker than it is. Fruit cluster length is 4.1 cm (low) and cluster width is 2.1 cm (medium).

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