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  • hazelnut pistachios

Naming this type of pistachio is because it looks like hazelnut.
This type of pistachio is also common with Kalle Ghuchi pistachio; it is also cheaper than other types of pistachios.
 Since this type of pistachio is small, it is more than other pistachios in one kilograms (because of high ounce) and therefore more affordable for nuts.
Hazelnut pistachio has the highest consumption of pistachio in the country as well as the largest export volume. Hazelnut pistachio accounts for about 60 percent of Kerman province gardens.
Hazelnut pistachios are sometimes also known as Ahadi pistachios.
On the other hand, the reasonable price of hazelnut pistachio makes it competitive in the market for bulk supply.
Hazelnut pistachio nuts are more popular than other types of nuts because they are very good in appearance and also very pleasant.
Most of the production areas of this product are in Kerman province and in cities (Rafsanjan, Zarand, Kerman and Sirjan) as well as Khorasan province (Feizabad and Mah-Volat).

- Export of hazelnut pistachios
Exports of this type of pistachio are divided into two types.
Natural Smile: Countries such as Australia, France, Germany and others are in the category of quality-oriented countries, so they choose this kind of hazelnut pistachio to import into their country.
Abkhandan: Countries such as Russia and China prefer to trade this.

- Properties of hazelnut pistachio fruit
The tip of the fruit is very short green, its skin is green and the fruit is dark purple and red at the time of harvest.
Length of dry pistachio 24.1 mm (low) Width of dry pistachio 73.1 mm (medium) diameter of pistachio 66 mm (high) so that diameter and width are equal.
The color of the core is purple and the color of the bones is cream.
- Fruit ripening of Pistachio Nut
The time of starting the rapid growth of the fetus in is 25 June and the time of fruit ripening is 12 September.

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