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Akbari pistachio
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Kalle Ghuchi pistachio
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Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
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hazelnut pistachios
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Our company supplies all kinds of pistachios at reasonable prices.

Pistachio has many fans due to its unique taste and variety of nutrients. There are many countries in the world that choose Iran for the purchase of pistachios, which depends on two main reasons: One is the high quality of Iranian pistachio and the other reason that pistachio prices are reasonable compared to buying pistachios from other parts of the world.

Pistachio varieties:

1 - Kalle Ghuchi

2 - Ahmad Aghaie

3 - Akbari

4 - Hazelnut pistachio

The difference is in their shape and appearance and their size, and taste. In terms of quality, Akbari and Kaleh-Ghochi have higher level.

People in our country have been consuming this kind of nuts for many years, especially on the occasion of New Year's Eve, which together with other nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds that is a pleasant combination.

Pistachio is produced in some parts of Iran. One of the most famous is Kerman - Rafsanjan city, which has the ability to produce thousands of tons of pistachios per year. Pistachio varieties in this region are harvested with the highest quality. Other city in the country that has high quality pistachio, is Damghan. Harvest season is at the end of summer and begging of fall. Iran, along with the USA, are the world's top producer of pistachios.

Pistachio Packing Types:

The nuts are packed in different weights according to customer's request. In export cases, the type of packaging is very important and gives a great added value to it.

Pistachio sales in our company are partial and major sales of pistachios.

Selling first class pistachios at reasonable prices and supplying them to buyers and custom packaging at different weights are important features of the major pistachio buying and selling in our company. For proper storage of pistachios, it must be kept away from high temperatures and humidity, otherwise you have prepared the conditions for its deterioration. In despite of nuts pistachio is used in the confectionery industry and other foods such as cakes and...

Things to consider when buying pistachios:

- Freshness of the product

- Aflatoxin levels

- Smiling pistachios

- Ounce (The higher ounce shows the smaller product and the less ounce shows the larger pistachio)

If you are a buyer of pistachios and want to buy pistachios, please contact us so that our experts will receive your product information and contact you.

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